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Doug Fitzgerald asked 5 years ago

The video designs I create are not working and I can’t upload my logo. When I try to upload an image it looks like its uploading, then nothing appears. Does the browser I use make a difference?

Craig Staff replied 5 years ago

Hi Doug. Thanks for letting us know you are having some trouble. Browser in general shouldn’t make a difference, but let me know what browser and OS you are on so I can test it correctly.

In the meantime, I am checking out your upload now.

When you say, the video designs you create are not working, can you give me more details? Do you only mean the logo? Or is there another issue?

Also, can send me your logo file to so I can test with it as well?

Thanks for your help and patience as we work out some of these launch kinks.


Doug Fitzgerald replied 5 years ago

Hey Craig, Thanks for getting back so fast. I think I may have found my problem. I re-logged back in and so far it looks like things are working. My browser kept me logged in over night, so I logged out and re-logged back in (FYI). I’ll let you know if I have further issues. If this works like its promoted tool, this will be awesome for my biz. Thanks so much!