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Dan Somers asked 4 years ago

Are you able to allow the ability to preview a video on the end tab?
I often find I miss errors until I view the video as just a video? Would think that would reduce server resources as well? 

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Dan,
Others have mentioned this and I am not totally against it.  
So, I would either need to encode a small version of the video at the same time as the full sized which would add to encoding time and not really speed things up.
Or, I could have a preview option where it just creates a small version of the video maybe.
I guess my thinking is, you should really check the finished product no matter what, so I am not sure whether it would add more work or less work?  
Sell me on it.
 – Craig

DAn Somers replied 4 years ago

<p>How about, when you are doing the captions – Once the 'script' is loaded, it will just play from start to finish there? I think its the 'view/previous more' that is the main issue for me, I can't watch from start to finish</p>

Paul Sheppard replied 4 years ago

I would love this feature too. I have been searching for it as it’s hard to tell how the video would actually look in the end. Well it is for me anyway.