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Rick Gannon asked 5 years ago

Hi, firstly I subscribed today and I really like what I see. I have tried something like this before and it was just awful, with no customer support. My question is, once I have edited my video and added my branding I click save, but this then seems to disappear? Where does the saved file go? I would like to work on them and then leave them in the platform until im ready to publish them

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Craig Staff asked 5 years ago

Hi Rick!
I can't picture the scenario you are painting so I made need you to email me a screenshot or video.
When you click SAVE it should save your progress and work you have done on that version I.e.  where you put your branding, your color choices, font choices, headline text, etc.
When you are ready to make your video you click MAKE.
If you want to come back later and work on it you would click save and then you would get back to it the same way.  Click My Videos, click the plus sign for the video you want to edit and click the layout/version you were working on.
if it isn't working like this email me a screenshot or video to
Also you might want to check out our tutorials:

Rick Gannon replied 5 years ago

Hi Craig, when I click save and then come out of the software, to return later it takes me right back to the beginning to start again? Is this something I am doing wrong?