Several captions aren’t being saved after editing

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Elizabeth Harte asked 12 months ago

I’m trying clipscribe and am finding it frustrating that some captions refuse to be updated despite various attempts. It seems to be happening to several captions in my video. Really frustrating when I’m trialling the product. What’s up?

Craig Staff replied 12 months ago

Hi Liz.
Can you give me an example? We did have a caching issue yesterday, so if you made a video yesterday, it might not have updated or appeared to be updating, but that was resolved, so if you need to click MAKE again and it should come out correctly today.
If this doesn’t sound like the case, then point me in the right direction towards the video and subtitles in question and I will sort it for you right away.
– Craig

Elizabeth Harte replied 12 months ago


I did a ‘Make’ and it didn’t recover the caption edits I had apparently lost, but have started editing again but am still having issues.

It seems the issue is that captions aren’t being saved if I edit one, then delete the next one (like a blank caption) – the captions I’ve edited before that delete all get lost. When I scroll back up after deleting a caption, the captions I had just edited have reverted to their last saved state.

But also, even if I edit a couple of captions then click ‘Save’ at the top, those caption changes don’t get saved, even if I don’t delete any captions. The caption deletions are getting saved.

I’m working on this video on my iPad in the Chrome browser, but have tried it on my Android mobile Chrome browser and my Windows laptop Chrome browser just to check it wasn’t an iPad thing, and it seems to be doing it on all 3 devices, but admittedly all with Chrome browsers.



Craig Staff replied 12 months ago

Hey Liz,
When you say caption deletion do you mean you are just removing the text from the box or do you mean you are removing the time from the box so that it pops up and asks you if you want to delete it?
Any chance you can give me a use case? i.e. Link me to a video, and give me something I can re-create on my end?
i.e. On block 4.349, remove the text from the block and then save, and then you will see _______.

Either this or if you can make a quick Loom video. I just tried to recreate it and wasn’t seeing the behavior.
Or we can hop on a zoom as well.
– Craig

3 Answers
Elizabeth Harte answered 12 months ago

Ok Here's a link 64.200 is always blank when I come back to it, and  77 and 81 never update the pp, Tomicki Top and PPR words to the right ones when I come back to them.   Will try again this evening after doing another Make perhaps? Or will your Make solution you suggested earlier not help with this? I did do a Make when you first suggestednit. Cheers Liz