SRT changes edits upon download

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Leilani Wells asked 3 months ago

Quick Question.

I’ve been having to edit my SRT a second time after downloading. Basically when I upload to YouTube the grammar and punctuation are off, etc.

Craig Staff replied 3 months ago

@Leilani Wells Can you let me know a video this happened with? I will get it checked out and resolved asap.

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Leilani Wells answered 3 months ago

All of them are like this.

Craig Staff replied 3 months ago

@Leilani Wells Hey Leilani,

Ok, so I went through this one line by line and they seem to match up:

However, I noticed you had the video set to capitalized, but it did export lowercase. Is that the issue? I fixed this so it will show correctly, so if it just the uppercase issue you should be all set. Export one and let me know how it goes.

If there are other punctuation issues, I would just need a specific example as I am not able to find them on my own, but I think it was just the uppercase issue.

Thanks for letting me know of this issue. 🙂 I really appreciate it and am sorry for the trouble.