SRT upload not working for the last 2 weeks.

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsSRT upload not working for the last 2 weeks.
Shelley Sloper asked 4 years ago

I always upload my own fb ready SRT and replace the auto generated captions. However, the last 2 videos i have done, the SRT uploads normally, but then the subtitle bar goes blank and the CC screen says that there is no audio detected on my video, and asks me to upload the SRT or regenerate the captions.
I have tried multiple times to upload the SRT again, but it comes back with the same repsonse.
This is very frustrating. I have always done this successfully, so I know my process is fine. What is going wrong here? Can you please fix it.

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Thanks for posting the SRT Shelley let me run some tests and report back.
– Craig