tradermjgmail-com asked 5 years ago

I asked a question about this before but might not have made my question cllear.
On Agency plan you have 200GB of storage.  What would that storage be used for?  Just for uploading and processing the videos until they are moved elsewhere?  My understanding is that you would not be hosting the videos that customers see, we would do that on some other platform.

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Craig Staff asked 5 years ago

Yes that is correct. It’s just for storing the files you upload. While I don’t recommend it, some people upload files over a GB in size. We don’t have unlimited storage, so this allows them to upload and not worry about these files. If you need more space you can just delete past uploads as needed.

Make sense?



tradermjgmail-com asked 5 years ago

Yes, clear now.
Thank you for your help Craig