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hollyauroradigitalmarketingsoltions-com asked 2 years ago

Hi there,

I just used my account this morning which (I believe!) is the only one I have, and I had no problems with it. However, when i logged in later today, it takes me straight to the "Payment" sub page. I went to check if I perhaps didn’t renew my current subscription, and it seems like I don’t have any receipts at all, and I can’t see if I have any videos uploaded to doubel check. However, I have used this account (I believe!) for the last two years, and thought I had an automatic subscrption set up. Please help; am I just having a moment, or has my account been deleted somehow?

Craig Staff replied 2 years ago

@Hi Holly. I am showing you have 2 accounts setup and one of them is an active subscription. One of them is under a misspelled email. I am wondering if you are using autofill and that wrong email is possibly loading up when you try to login? If you could double check that for me and I will dig further on my end.