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William Bassman asked 8 months ago

Hello.  The cursor doesn’t change on hover. Clicking the button does nothing.  I logged out and in.  Cleared cache, hard reload, tried in another browser and an Incognito window.  When hovering over the button the cursor is not changing.  
I’ve also deactivated extensions.

Craig Staff replied 8 months ago

Hey William.
That’s a brand new feature, and that is more of a notice than a button. When it says DELETE-MERGE, then when you click the merge button, it will merge your content with the above or below block and then competely remove the block.

That DELETE box is just telling you what is going to happen.
Probably a better way to accomplish this, but for now, that is how it is working.
– Craig

William Bassman replied 8 months ago

Yeah I’m not a UX guy, but that’s intolerable and illogical.

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Craig Staff answered 8 months ago

Ok, check out this video. I showed you a few options you can use for this. Thanks!! Craig

William Bassman answered 8 months ago

Why is there just not a delete option?  Something feels a little work-around-ish here?  
Can you send a screen video of how I would go about getting this box out of the way?  I’ve tried adding a new box, then using the merge up function, then I’m still stuck with a 46-second block and no clear way to adjust it’s duration down.

Craig Staff replied 8 months ago

So let me clarify. What are you trying to do here. Get rid of all subtitles? Do you want to only have that subtitle block show at a certain time so you need to add another block?

if you can give me a better idea of what the goal is, I will make a video for you to show you how to accomplish it.

ClipScribe is built around subtitles, so you are right that a video without any speech is going to have to be a bit of a workaround, but there are several ways to handle various situations.

– C

William Bassman replied 8 months ago

I know stuff doesn’t code itself magically so forgive the frustration. I think the system is intuitive otherwise. I would recommend that the notifications, alerts, tooltips not be the exact dimensions and border-radius of the buttons themselves.

You nailed it though. The video doesn’t have a speech. I’ve considered narrating it just to add to the system. In this case, the background music, which does have words, was picked up by your transcribing engine and I was attempting to start from scratch. I suppose I could upload it to Rev and then manipulate the subtitles quicker and then take the SRT and upload to ClipScribe.

Craig Staff replied 8 months ago

So are you just wanting to add speech to it? Or are you wanting to add headlines at various spots? Again, what is the goal and I can show you what to do. No need to mess with REV. I just need to know what the end-goal is.

I agree on the tooltip stuff. No argument there. I’ll get it sorted.
– C

William Bassman replied 8 months ago

Okay. I want to add captions (or subtitles), just text, and easily control the timing of when they come in and out. I don’t need my voice, but I brought that up as perhaps a way of getting the subtitles and the timing in quicker. Does that make sense?

Normally my videos have audio and aren’t still-photo montages, so this is kind of a one-off for me. I appreciate your help.

Craig Staff replied 8 months ago

Roger that. Give me about an hour and I will get you a video. Have to wrap up something else first.

William Bassman replied 8 months ago


William Bassman replied 8 months ago

Hey Craig. Sorry, it took me a few days to reply. Thank you for the video. Not only does it provide three options, but you also seem like a genuine and likable guy. Glad you like my idea. You’ve earned a long-term customer.