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Giovanni Bartolomeo asked 5 years ago

Hi Guys, I tried uploading my first video and only the first line showed up in subtitles? Also the top bar background wasnt there at all.

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Craig Staff asked 5 years ago

Hi Giovanni,

I downloaded your original video to check it out and I can’t see anything in there that would need to be subtitled? For it to work, the audio needs to be relatively clear. It won’t be able to transcribe ambient noise, etc.

With the top bar, you chose a layout without a top bar. 9:16 videos don’t leave any room for a fixed bar. You can add a text block to it and make the block around the text colored so you have a bar there, but the layout you chose doesn’t have a fixed one.

If you want to have a bar on the top, upload a square video or a landscape (16:9) video and then you can choose one of the layouts that have bars on them.

When you upload a 9:16 video you only have the 9:16 option.

Hope this helps and if you have questions let me know.

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