Transcribing error?

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Elena Wilkins asked 4 years ago

I uploaded a video almost a week ago – only one minute in length, and it still shows as transcribing. Is there something going on with ClipScribe? This is odd and not at all acceptable.

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi @Elena Wilkins. Transcription generally takes a few minutes. If it takes longer than an hour (which is quite a long time) definitely reach out. Often times there can be issues with the uploaded file or other issues that could hold up the transcription.
I will check it out right now and report back in a few moments.

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

OK elena, Video looks to be ready. I am not sure what happened, possibly a server error, but I re-ran it and it is all set.

If you ever have any other issues, just let me know and I will take care of it right away.