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Renee Silvester asked 3 years ago

We have tried uploading our video 10 times and each time get the sane error. our video has been transcribing and does not get any further.

I have tried logging in and out again, deleting videos in case we didnt have enough storage, delete and re-upload etc.

How can we fix this?! We can upload any videos onto our social media without it.

Thank you!

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Renee Silvester Sounds like an issue with the video. Let me take a look. Generally your video should transcribe within a few minutes, so if it takes longer than 30 minutes definitely reach out so I can check into it. Give me a moment to check out your video and I will report back.

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Ok Renee. I checked the original upload and it appears to be damaged. There is a chance it could have been damaged on upload, but that isn’t typical, so please check the original upload. The upload we have is only 4 seconds long and it freezes after about a second, so if your original plays normally, I would just upload it again.

I am here if you need further help with this.