Transcript for a 50 sec video is taking “forever”

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsTranscript for a 50 sec video is taking “forever”
Sabine Biesenberger asked 4 years ago

I’ve just uploaded my first video and the “transcribing” process takes forever… Is this normal? And by when is the new feature available that we can upload our own srt files / captions?

Ken Dutton-Regester replied 4 years ago

Same is happening for me, is the program down?

Shivani Peterson replied 4 years ago

Same thing is happening to me too.

Nathan Eckel replied 4 years ago

Mine is a 7 second video. Reuploaded but still incomplete.

1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey everyone.  So sorry for the trouble.
Had some server issues this AM, but I believe is all fixed up.  
So sorry for the trouble and thanks for your patience.

Aric Lee replied 4 years ago

Hey Craig, still not working. Going on 30minutes now…

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Which video? I am showing all of yours that were queued for transcription are done.