Uploaded Video won’t Display or Play during CC editing…

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsUploaded Video won’t Display or Play during CC editing…
Wei Houng asked 4 years ago

I uploaded a video last night that’s about 30 minutes long.  When I go into CC to edit, it won’t play or display the video.  In fact, only a white box is there where the video should be.  Help? Thanks.


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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey Wei,
Your original upload had a defect in the video file which prevented it from being encoded.  I originally had a fail safe to fix this on the fly, but it wasn’t working for some reason.  I fixed it and re-encoded your video and all should be good now.  Fail safe should be good to go as well so shouldn’t happen again.
This looks like a pretty long video, so it is encoding the previews now, but looks to be taking some time.  Should be done in 10 mins or so.

Wei Houng replied 4 years ago

Awesome! Thanks so much, I look forward to seeing it working! 🙂