Uploaded Video won’t Display or Play during CC editing…

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsUploaded Video won’t Display or Play during CC editing…
Wei Houng asked 11 months ago

I uploaded a video last night that’s about 30 minutes long.  When I go into CC to edit, it won’t play or display the video.  In fact, only a white box is there where the video should be.  Help? Thanks.


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Craig Staff answered 11 months ago

Hey Wei,
Your original upload had a defect in the video file which prevented it from being encoded.  I originally had a fail safe to fix this on the fly, but it wasn’t working for some reason.  I fixed it and re-encoded your video and all should be good now.  Fail safe should be good to go as well so shouldn’t happen again.
This looks like a pretty long video, so it is encoding the previews now, but looks to be taking some time.  Should be done in 10 mins or so.

Wei Houng replied 11 months ago

Awesome! Thanks so much, I look forward to seeing it working! 🙂