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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

UPDATE: 11:20 AM CST – Ok, all set.

So, kind of had to re-invent the wheel here to keep this from happening again.  Theoretically, all should be good to go as I went a totally different route from the way uploads were handled before, but this issue has baffled me multiple times, so there is a very slight chance, it could still happen, though it is doubtful.

1.  If you have upload issues, I will get alerted (I always do anyway).  I will post here if it does so and I am just going to take the uploader offline to avoid frustration for you.   

2.  I do need to now retrofit the legacy uploader for this, so I am going to take it offline until that is ready.

@Tim Tavender  & @Wendy Jordan thanks for the vote of confidence!   Appreciate you echoing to any new folks that this isn’t business as usual.

As always, if you have any trouble, before you get frustrated, shoot me an email: craigl@clipscribe.com or post here.


UPDATE:  At 9:45 AM CST I am almost ready to go folks.  Having to significantly rework things to make sure this doesn’t re-occur.  Thanks for your patience…  Just need to run a few tests.


Hey everyone…

Uploads are down for a moment. Hang tight..

This is an issue that has been off and on since Thursday. I was sure it was resolved 100% on Saturday, yet it pops up again. Give me a few moments and I am going to switch over to a backup method I have been setting up.

I will post here asap.


Wendy Jordan replied 4 years ago

Great, I was wondering if I was doing something wrong!

Leslie Leung replied 4 years ago

I’ve just bought it – not a great start

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

@Leslie Leung I actually just sent you an email letting you know this is not typical at all. In fact, we have probably only had an issue like this a couple times since launch a year ago. I will be resolved today for good and you won’t see it again. Even Facebook has issues from time to time… But again, this isn’t normal operation here. However, I am not lost on the fact is isn’t a great first impression.

Tim Tavender replied 4 years ago

I’ve never had an issue. It’s always worked really well and had many cool updates since I bought. This is just software. Lucky we have Craig on it like a rocket.

Wendy Jordan replied 4 years ago

I agree Tim…it always works great for me too! Love it!

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Rob Smith asked 4 years ago

Thanks for the Update

Lauren Gayfer asked 4 years ago

Is this affecting downloads as well? Thanks 

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

No it isn’t Lauren.

Paul Alexander replied 4 years ago

I’ve only just paid for the site and was having the same problem with downloads.

Lauren Gayfer replied 4 years ago

I signed up over the weekend and have just edited my first two videos. I’m ready to download them now so I can turn into Facebook and Instagram ads, but the download button is greyed out. I thought I was doing something wrong?? Any ideas? I really need these videos!!

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Lauren! Did you click the MAKE button?


Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

@Paul Alexander
Hi Paul! You will need to click the MAKE button to make your finished version. Similar to printing a document, you need to make your video.

Video has to be rendered/made, so while saving will save your work, if you want the actual video to change you will need to click the MAKE button to re-make it and then you can download the new version.

Lauren Gayfer replied 4 years ago

I did not press the MAKE button!!! And now I have, so hopefully these will work!! THANKS 🙂

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Yeah, I will make that clearer. 🙂 No worries. If you need help, let me know.
– Craig

Lauren Gayfer replied 4 years ago

Thanks, I was looking for a tutorial – How to download your video – but couldn’t find it. It’s all sorted now, thanks for the speedy response!!!