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Billy Carver asked 2 years ago

My video is not downloaded on computer. Can I use a youtube link or uRL link for video?

Craig Staff replied 2 years ago

@Billy Carver Hey Billy. I am so sorry for the delayed response on this. You can upload using a URL, but it would have to be a hard coded URL to the actual file. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t provide those, but if you do have a hard-coded URL (i.e. when you enter the URL into your browser, the video itself and only the video loads into the browser rather than an entire web page.). the URL should end in something like .mov or .mp4.

When you upload on ClipScribe there you will see other upload options like DropBox, etc. and URL should be one of them. OR, if you are on mobile, you will see a little drop down menu on the uploader and you will see the URL option there.

If this doesn’t answer your question please let me know or feel free to email me at