Using an SRT on a video that is longer than the SRT file

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Pepijn Gooiker asked 4 years ago


I have two videos I am working on. One is a short version testimonial, and the second is the same testimonial with an additional video spliced into it. Is it possible to use the subtitles from the short version, in the long version so I do not have to redo the work I have already done.  I created an SRT file from the short version, but when I upload it into the long version of the video, the video is cut off where the short version ends. 

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

So, in the long-term, One of our core purposes of CS is to help you create more content from a single video.  So, going forward, I think I would upload the full video and then you can turn off the clips you don’t want to show up.  This would make this much easier.
What I would do with the long version is just manually adjust the SRT.  If you open it up you can see the format is pretty self-explanatory.

Open it in a text editor.
And add the new line.  If you’re previous video ended at 2:30,120 then I would add the part under the number 7 below to extend the subtitles and video.
That should get you there.  Does this make sense?
00:00:09,840 –> 00:02:30,120
Last Subtitle Line of Original Video
00:02:30,121 –> 00:04:00,000
The rest of the story.