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Jt Clough asked 2 years ago

I created a video. Added the subtitles, saved, made the video. Got the email saying view it. I don’t see the subtitles when I got to the link. When I download the video it doesn’t open. This has happened before. What I am I missing in the process?
Thank you,

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Craig Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi JT!
Thanks for posting this.
So, I took a look at your 2 previous videos and I was able to download them and the subtitles were on the finished video, so did those go ok?
Or is the one you are running now?  

Craig Staff answered 2 years ago

Hey JT.
Ok, your other video is finished.  But, I did see something odd that I am going to address that I think will solve this issue for you going forward or at least help me diagnose what’s going on.

If it happens again, can you let me know?  


Jt Clough replied 2 years ago

Cool! Thanks soooo much!

Jt Clough answered 2 years ago

I had to do those a couple of times too and I don’t know what I did to make them work the 2nd time. 
The current one which is the Imposter Syndrome I edited, saved and created about 25 minutes ago. Its still sitting with the finish bar almost to the end (which it got to that point pretty quickly) but it’s not finishing the render.

Jt Clough replied 2 years ago

disregard that now. It did render and work. I’m just trying to figure out why I have to do two go rounds usually to make it work. Not sure what I’m missing. Want to figure it as we all know… time, there’s only so much in a day!