Video not saving – Download button greyed out

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Trudy Stone asked 4 years ago

I just joined Clipscribe – super pumped! I was trying to download my first video however the download button is greyed out. I tried it both on my Mac and on my phone but neither worked. Any suggestions?

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Trudy!

You have to click Make Video to make it first.

Then it will take a few moments to create it and then be ready to download.

Here are some tutorials if you need them:


Craig Lillard

Trudy Stone replied 4 years ago

That worked! Thanks 🙂 Can I please make a small suggestion? Is it possible to put a a line on that page like ‘hit ‘make’ to download your video’ or make the ‘make’ button green so it’s a visual cue for the next step? Thanks again – super excited to create videos with ClipScribe!