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Toni Versic asked 3 years ago

Hi there. I have uploaded 3x HD/4k videos and they are showing up very blurry when I go to add the subtitles.

Any help here?

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi Toni, we use a lower resolution preview in the editor to keep things moving quickly. That video you are seeing in the editor is not the same as the one you will download. That said, it is on the list to up the quality of those previews a bit as you aren’t the only person to ask this question.

FYI, you can modify the quality of your downloaded final version using the gear icon in the editor although I generally recommend checking your download before doing so as increasing the quality/speed of the encode can drastically impact your encoding time. Oh, also we don’t export at 4K fyi. We generally export at the same resolution you upload, but not beyond HD presently.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Craig Lillard Staff replied 3 years ago

@Toni Versic Hey let me follow up on this. How are you uploading your videos? Are you loading them directly from the iPhone Photo Library? I am finding they are severely downrezzing videos before upload, so that could be your case as well.
Let me know and I can tell you how to resolve this.