Video Stuck Again….my bad!

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Sid Meadows asked 3 years ago

Hey Craig – I did it again, and updated a 4K video. Can you push it through? 151247

And, I just updated my video setting so I don’t forget to chagne it again!

Thanks for your help!


1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hey Sid. I am pushing it through now. The main issue is, the sizes and aspect ratio of these videos is changing each time. This video is 3314X1982 which isnt a standard size or aspect ratio. HD video has an aspect ratio of 1.77777777 (1920 divided by 1080). The aspect ratio on this one is 1.6720 just for your info.

I put in an exception for it, but if it is a standard 4K video, it should go through fine, just an FYI.

Your video should be ready to download.