video stuck on making for 1 hour over now.

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neesha gan asked 4 years ago

Hi chris,

Just wondering if something is wrong with Clipscribe, its been stuck making a video for an hour already! it’s video15092020 IGTV video on our account.

coudl you have a look at it please?

Thank you


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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Neesha,

I am looking at the info for that video and I show it started encoding at:

2020-09-15 02:39:10

and was finished at

2020-09-15 02:43:49

So looks like the actual encoding took about 4 minutes or so?

Were you waiting for the email and it didn’t arrive or did it look like the progress bar wasn’t finishing?

  • Craig
neesha gan replied 4 years ago

Hi Craig,

we tried to make two videos (15092020 final and 15092020 IGTV) the 15092020 final video was made quickly but the 15092020IGTV video was stuck at the making video phase ( the progress bar wasn’t finishing, so we kept refreshing the page and tried to check the progress, but the “download icon” was not available as an option on the progress page and it said it was being made. This went on for an hour. and eventually, I just went back to editing the video page, saved it and then press make video button. a message popped up saying that it was making the video and if i chose to make the video again, it would discard the current video it was making, which I click yes, make video and discard the current video ( as it was stuck in the making phase) at that point the video was made quickly without a hitch. that video was made at about 5.20pm sydney time?