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nicksummamedia-co asked 5 years ago

Im trying to make a video without audio because I want to use the other tools. The video just goes black while editing and exports the same way. Any suggestions?

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Craig Staff asked 5 years ago

Hey Nick,

Is this the one?

If not, can you link me to the video editing page for the one you are having issue with?


nicksummamedia-co replied 5 years ago

That’s it!

Craig Staff replied 5 years ago

Ok, so you may have to help me understand what’s up. I ran it, downloaded the video and it played fine. There was an issue with a similar one you uploaded the other day, but I caught it and fixed it and emailed you about it, but you may not have gotten that.

If there is something else going on, though just let me know. That video does play black for just a second and fades up from black. Could that be it?

– C