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hellomyintimacytherapist-com asked 4 years ago


A couple of my videos have been stuck on the "being made" status for a few days. Every day I go into check, it still isn’t finished so I refresh hoping it helps. It hasn’t. Is there a way to fix this? In the past, it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes for the video to be complete.


Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Your issue is different. The branding file you are using is corrupt and so the system is choking on it. (
Why don’t you email it to me and I can replace it for you, or you can re-upload it and replace it either one.

Specifically it is the iconfinder image.

Happy to replace it and run your video for you.

hellomyintimacytherapist-com replied 4 years ago

Thanks, Craig! I’ll email it to you now.