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Loz Antonenko asked 5 years ago

Hi there,
I have transcribed my first video, updated and saved it to your portal. I am unable to actually export it save it to my computer. I’ve tried numerous times and it just says “Finishing Up” without me being able to do anything with it. Please advise.

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Craig Staff asked 5 years ago

Oh my gosh Loz.  This is crazy.
Here is what I mean….  Someone else had the EXACT same issue you are having today, but no one has ever had this issue until today.  
The problem is, you chose a numbered countdown and the countdown video itself is only 9 minutes long.  However, your video is longer than 9 minutes.
So, that’s where the system is breaking down.  The timing wouldn’t work because I would have to stretch the 9 minute countdown to match the length of your video.
So, again, had this same issue for the first time today with another user and I went in and basically removed that numbered countdown option for any videos over 9 minutes.
But, I suppose you set yours up before I did that.  
I suppose I need to create longer ones.  When I first launched ClipScribe I expected people to upload videos 3-5 mins, so though 9 minutes would be enough.
So, the short answer is, choose another non-numbered countdown and you will be fine and your video should come out fine.
Like I said, I already removed that option for future use to solve the confusion.
And as soon as I can, I will get some longer numbered countdowns on there.  
Very sorry for the confusion this caused and thanks for letting me know about the trouble.  If you really want to use a numbered countdown for some reason, just let me know and I will try to get a longer one up for you tomorrow.