3 Features: IG Reels, Guidelines, and Moveable Video

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Brad Poirier asked 3 years ago


I’m looking to request 3 features to be added.

1) Ability to MOVE the video around.

I see there is the option to resize the video, but it only scales it from the center point.

It would be helpful to make the video smaller or larger, and the position it up or down on the canvas as needed.

  • If we could do this, we could essentially make our own templates anyway we want.
  • It would also eliminate the need for feature #2 below

2) Support for Instagram Reels

The closest template for reels is the 9×16 video with the 1:1 clip in the middle.

However, this leaves a small amount of room for captions and headline, since the video needs to be a 9×16, but the viewable area is 4×5.

I would like to have bigger than a 16×9 area but smaller than 1:1 so I can have two headlines.

  • Again, if we were able to resize AND reposition the video ourself, I could just set this up the way I want it.

3) Guidelines

It would be really helpful if we could either add our own guidelines, or have pre-selected guidelines, or even just a grid.

This would help to know where the cutoff points are, again, especially for things like IG Reels or IGTV preview area.

1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Great ideas Brad! The video positioning is coming soon.

IG reels is a good idea. Let me dig into that. Might be an easy add.

I am going to send you an email for more info.

Don’t have any immediate plans on the guidelines, but point taken.