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Phil Norton asked 4 years ago

Hi Craig,

I was reading the information about your affiliate scheme and am not clear on how commissions are paid on monthly plans?

If I sell a monthly plan for $16/month, do I receive 20% of $16 (the initial purchase) or 20% of the total revenue generated by this customer?



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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey Phil!

So, it has been set to pay out on the first purchase only, but I am going to mod that, so it is a recurring thing. Probably will have that done in the next week or so, but as it is now, it would be 20% of the first purchase. Last year we were annual only, so that was fine, but now that we are monthly, I need to switch it.

  • Craig
Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Actually I take that back. It was easy to enable, so I just enabled it now. So referrals going forward will be payed out on a recurring basis.
– Craig

Phil Norton asked 4 years ago

Thanks Craig, Please can you update this thread when the change has been done?