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Jay Jay asked 3 years ago

For the last few days whenever I upload a video to clipscribe and then download the finished product, the audio comes out of alignment with the video. So whenever someone is talking, the sound doesn’t match up to them.

This has been happening to my videos every time I download them.

I don’t know if it’s the audio that isn’t aligning, or it’s the video itself that isn’t, but it’s been happening consistently and is becoming a problem.

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi Jay. That was an issue for about an evening, so any videos MADE during that period would have this issue, but it has been resolved since then (I think it was Thursday night?).

If you have a video you clicked MAKE on since then, and the audio is out of sync, let me know which one it is. Looks like you clicked make on several videos around that time frame, so that is likely the case on those. Just re-make them and you will be set.

Sorry for the trouble on that. Caused that issue when fixing another one, but after that figured out how to resolve both.



Jay Jay replied 3 years ago

Got it, thank you!