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Angela Proffitt asked 3 years ago

Hello. Please help. I can’t seem to upload a video to work on it in Clipscribe. Do you have a maximum file size allowable? Is this the reason why my video isn’t uploading?

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Angela Proffitt Hi Angela.
No, we don’t really have a max size, although I recommend keeping the size under 1 GB if possible just so you don’t have to wait forever for it to upload or even encode.
We use a service called FileStack which is a great 3rd party upload service with significant infrastructure, so usually if there is an issue uploading it is a network issue between you and FileStack.

1. How did you shoot your video and where are you uploading it from? (i.e. Shot it on my iPhone and am uploading it straight from my photo library or Shot it on my DSLR and ran it through iMovie and then uploaded it straight to ClipScribe)
2. Are you on Cell, Wifi or Wired internet?
3. How reliable is your internet?

Let me know on these and I can dig in further.

Oh, why don’t you go ahead and upload it to my DropBox so I can check the file out:

I would pay attention to the upload to DropBox. Is it fast? Does it work? Is it slow? That will give you some data on whether the issue is your network.