Bad Subtitles or Quiet Video?

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsBad Subtitles or Quiet Video?
Jesse Ibanez asked 4 years ago

So I have mentioned previously that I’ve had some pretty bad subtitles come out of my videos. I’ve always just ignored it because I’m still saving time by correcting whatever issues there are instead of writing them all on my own.

However, I just wanted to share something, I had some REALLY good head phones and they broke, so I’ve had to boost the volume of things to hear them properly. Because of that, I noticed my videos sounded quiet to me.

So I boosted the volume of them by about 3x, and now the only errors I get are ones that make sense. "By" vs "Buy", or names.

So if you’re having issues with bad subtitles, try boosting the volume of the video before uploading it for subtitles.