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Krister Ungerboeck asked 4 years ago

If I change the title of a video, it changes the title of all jobs under that video. I have different jobs for the same video with different Headlines and Top/Bottom bar designs.

I want to have different titles for each job so I can keep track of which job is which.

If you look in my account at the video title NOBODY IS TALKIN ABOUT THIS you will see that the videos are different.

See screen shot attached

2 Answers
Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey Krister,

It isn’t a bug, as much as it is a feature that hasn’t been implemented. Ironically, I was thinking of adding that this week, so I will go ahead and do so and then report back.

Thanks for posting this! Any other features that you think will help, definitely let me know. Most features on the site were done because of user-feedback.



Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Update on this. You can now change the name of each version you create. You can do this from the editor page by clicking on the name you see on that editor page.

Additionally, you can now make copies of your main videos/subtitles so if you want to create different subtitle versions of the same video you can do that.

Just wanted to update this ticket with the new info.