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Michelle Osorio asked 4 years ago

I’ve run out of text boxes for the lyrics, can I add more on the bottom please?

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Hey Michelle.
Which video is this and what timestamps are you wanting a new box to be added?

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

@Michelle Osorio hey Michelle,
If you mean the “Add New Box” icon wasn’t there at the bottom of the last block, you are correct. I resolved this.
But, one thing you can use as well is the SPLIT option. If you put your cursor in between words, and click either the New Box Arrow above or below or the Merge Icon above or below, the system will calculate how much time is given to the word on the right or left and then either create a new block above or below or merge the text with the next block.

This can be useful for example. The last block of your recent video says Vampirina and it lasts almost 22 seconds.

So, let’s say you want it to last 10 seconds and you want to add a new word in the next box that lasts 12 seconds.

You could add the new word to the current box so it says Vampirina (New Word)

Then put your cursor between them and click the Arrow Up icon above. This will add a new block above with the Vampirina text that is about 10 seconds long and leave the (New Word) in the current block.

I made you a video to show you how to do this: