bug or I am doing something wrong

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Brenda Roche asked 5 years ago

I have gone in and edited the text as a few things were transcribed incorrectly and I saved it and when I download it and look at it the changes are not there.

Craig Staff replied 5 years ago

Each time you will need to click “Make Video” once you have made your changes. Saving the video will just save your progress, but the video has to be rendered out. Click Make Video and if you click the Export tab you can watch the progress there.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Craig Staff replied 5 years ago

Hey Brenda. I fixed another issue related to your upload where the still image that first comes up over your video when you load the editor was blank which would look confusing as if the video wasn’t there.

This has been resolved so if you noticed that, that is why.

– Craig