Can I change the timing of my Headline?

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsCan I change the timing of my Headline?
Randall Chesnutt asked 3 years ago

My video’s usually have an intro. Can I change the timing of the "headline or title" to start aftet the intro?

1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Sure thing Randall. You will want to use a timed headline for that. You can add timed headlines to any subtitle block and adjust the time you want it to stay on the screen.

Click the little menu icon to the right of the subtitle block and click ADD TEXT. Everything else works the same as the main Add Text options, but in this case you have a little timer so you can choose the start and end time.

If you have any other questions concerning this, please let me know!

Also, coming soon will be the ability to upload your intro and attach it to your videos so you don’t have to do so before uploading to CS.

Thanks Randall!