Can’t see my title/subtitle is not exporting correctly.

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsCan’t see my title/subtitle is not exporting correctly.
Carl Spiteri asked 3 years ago

When viewing my video all subtitles are in correct placement. When I export and open it up it’s behind the video. Not sure what going on. I have logged in and out and I have moved and exported 3 times now.

Please advise.

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Carl Spiteri Thanks Carl. Checking now. It looks like you mean the sub-headline is the thing that is behind the video?

1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hey Carl. Looks like that Taprom font is having issues with Google. We are going to have to remove it. Can you please choose another one?

Let me know if I can help further with this.



Carl Spiteri replied 3 years ago

Hello thanks, that did it!