Can we download our video in HD format?

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsCan we download our video in HD format?
Ryan Sabido asked 11 months ago

Can we download our video on HD?
When I upload on FB, the format only gets shown at 640.
Thanks in advance.

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Craig Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Ryan
By default your video exports at whatever resolution you upload.
If you want to up-res it you can do that by clicking the Settings Icon (the gear) next to the save and make icons.  There you can choose a higher resolution and we will up-res your video.  (Note, it may make your video look worse in comparison to the text/graphics.).
I did check your most recent download and it was exported at 1280 px wide (the same width as your original) so if FB is outputting it lower than that, I am not sure why.
– Craig