Can’t download my videos

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Azu Ifeachor asked 4 years ago

I made some videos this morning.  When I clicked the ‘Make’ button, I got an error page saying there was a Fatal error and that I should check my admin email.
This is the 2nd time this has happened.  The 1st being last night.
I have a launch im trying to promote tomorrow and is in part why I purchased this software over others.
Why is it I can’t even download videos I know I’ve completed.
My main dashboard just has the loading spinning circles and doesn’t show my videos.
Things seem very buggy on this platform and Im not even trying to do anything too complicated.
Please can someone come back to me asap, so at least I have some idea of what is going on or that someone is looking into this issue.
Looking at the comments, seems a lot of people are having a similar issue.  

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Sure let me take a look for you. One moment..
– Craig

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Azu, I just clicked MAKE on this video and it ran. What did the error look like? Was the entire page blank or was it a pop-up?

You can download this video here:

On your My Uploads page and your videos not loading, I need to login to your account so I can see this. Let me know when I can do this as it will log you out when I do.
Also, what browser and OS are you on?

I’ll get this sorted out as soon as I can pinpoint the issue.
– Craig

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

It does look like we were having some network issues with our storage provider this AM.  I believe I have this mostly shored up, but am double checking everything now.
This isn’t typical.
– Craig