Video Uploaded/Edited/Made But No Download?

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Jennifer Webb asked 4 years ago

I uploaded a video, and set it to Make, got an email notification that it was ready but the download button is not available. I’ve tried twice. The site overall seems slow – is it something on my end or yours? I’m not having issues elsewhere. Thanks!

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

@Jennifer Webb  Hi Jennifer, 
Your most recent video appears to be ready to download.  Which button were you trying to download from?  
– Craig

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

If it is another video, let me know which one so I can check it out. – Craig

Azu Ifeachor asked 4 years ago

Im getting the same issue.  What is going on with this site?

Melody Wilson asked 4 years ago

I am also having this issue – with the last couple of videos.

Jennifer Webb asked 4 years ago

Thanks, Craig for the response. I was using the Download button for the video. It was grayed out like it was still processing even though I had received an email that it was ready. It’s working now but the site overall was super slow this morning – I just chalked it up to that!

Denise Page asked 4 years ago

None of my videos will open. There is nothing wrong with my internet. Everthing else is working. I  desperately need to edit and remake a video. It is urgent!!!!!!

infotrafficality-com asked 4 years ago

Hi all.  There does seem to be an issue.  I am working on it..
– Craig

Denise Page replied 4 years ago

Thank you.