can’t ‘MAKE’ film, size of subtitles?

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Gareth Allen asked 4 years ago

Hi, Everytime I try and ‘make’ my film this message appears:

‘We have auto-sized your subtitle box with for your longest line to prevent clipping. Please check positioning and click MAKE again.’

I have checked many of the lines and changed some to be split over two boxes (even though there seems to be plenty of room on the film) but it KEEPS coming up. What can I do to get this project finished please as this final stage has taken me hours…



Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Vicki!
Thanks for the heads up. Let me check your video and I will respond back right away.
– Craig

1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

So, what we are trying to do there is make sure that none of your subtitle lines are longer than can fit in the box.

Usually, you can just double check, it and reposition it or size it as needed and click MAKE again and it will go through.

I made a video of the process here:

The current way it is setup isn’t the greatest, and I have plans on overhauling it as I know it can be a little confusing.

Any questions you have further let me know.

  • Craig