Captions cutting off once made and downloaded

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Charlene Hickey asked 3 years ago

Hi There, just noticed that some of our captions are cutting off on the rendered/made version that we download as per screenshot attachment. When creating this in clipscribe viewer, both lines are showing fine with adequate background colour behind.

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi Charlene,

Your subtitles will display based on the size of the box they are in when you click SAVE or MAKE. So I recommend making that box big enough to fit the number of lines your subtitles will spill over to.

See the attached images. If you click SAVE and the box is set to only fit one line, then that is how it will save, so any two lined subtitles will get cut off.

So give your subtitle breathing room. If you have gone through and ensured that all of your subtitles fit on one line or you have set the font size small enough so that they will, then the box can be smaller, but if any of your subtitles will push down to two lines, it needs to be bigger.

Other alternatives to resizing the box are:

  1. Make your font smaller so that none of your subtitles break into two lines.
  2. Split your subtitles, so that they each show on one single line instead of two.



Charlene Hickey replied 3 years ago

oh right, I see. Now that I know that, I’ll make sure the subtitles stay on one line! Thanks for replying 🙂

Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Yeah for sure, really either one. I am going to email you a video that provides a little more info. on this too, so keep your eyes open for that.

Thanks Charlene!