Compressing video before uploading

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Derek Cheshire asked 4 years ago

I have video shot on my smartphone. They are about 4 min long but are around 250Mb in size. What is the best way to compress them before uploading? I am using a PC not a Mac.

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Hey Derek,
So 250 MB is a pretty reasonably sized video first off and it is likely already in mp4 format.
But you can use one of these services to compress it a bit more. Make sure you use the H.264 codec and you want the setting to be in the high range.

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Derek,
What type of smartphone do you have?
– Craig

Derek Cheshire replied 4 years ago

Samsung J7 Pro. Taking video with Camera FV-5. I probably could do with tweaking the settings but I have video on my PC ready to upload but it is a little large.