Couldn’t make the finished video — kept saying “one moment”.

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsCouldn’t make the finished video — kept saying “one moment”.
Michael Barris asked 3 years ago

This was the first video I tried to make since subscribing to the service. My original video was an MP4 from a Zoom recording. When I finished putting on a headline, cleaned up the sub-titles and clicked "Make," it said it was processing the subtitles and then said "one moment" … it’s been 30 minutes and nothing has happened. The same thing happened a little earlier – but that time, after nothing happened after a 30 minute wait, I clicked cancel encode and started over.

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Michael Barris You hopped on at a less than ideal time and I very much apologize for road bumps. Things generally run quite smoothly, but whenever an update is rolled out, especially one as big as this one, there is usually a day or two with some glitches here and there, but I try to iron them out as soon as they are reported. I see the issue on your video and will fix it now. Back in a minute.

Michael Barris replied 3 years ago

After messing around with it — reloading it this morning (it didn’t upload all night), switching to a one line headline instead of two, but then struggling to find it on my computer, and having to load it onto LinkedIn twice — I finally got it up on my channel

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Thanks for your patience. I sorted out the issue anyway and was able to process the video. Glad you got it going.

Feel free to contact me directly at if you have any other issues.

Thanks Michael!