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James Wrigley asked 4 years ago

Hi, I saw a previous post on this but response was via email.
Is it possible to export a higher res version of the videos? For example I just uploaded a video that was originally 155Mb but after editing etc the export is only 25Mb.

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi James.
So there is resolution and quality.  Resolution, being width in pixels by height in pixels is exported at the same resolution of the video you upload.  So, if you upload a 1920X1080 video, by default you will get the same resolution file back.
We use high quality compression to, however, create this file, so it isn’t unusual that the file size might be smaller than what you upload.
I would look at the video itself first to see if you see any quality issues such as artifacting/jagged edges around text, etc..  If not, then if, after you upload it to the social media network of choice, I would check it.  If it looks good, then you probably don’t need to do anything.
However, if it is looking poor in any way, you can up the quality settings by clicking the little gear icon to the left of the SAVE and MAKE buttons.
There you can increase the resolution of the final video beyond the resolution of the video you uploaded, however, this could make your actual video look worse in comparison to the resto of the items (text, emojis, etc.)
You can also adjust the quality and the speed of the encoding.  In my opinion, the default settings are the best option, but you can adjust the quality and speed to your liking.  Just be aware that the quality setting especially can significantly increase the encoding time and file size.
Let me know if you have any follow up questions ok?

James Wrigley replied 4 years ago

Fantastic, thanks Craig. I’ll give some of that a go. I love how much we can mess around with different settings. Thanks.

James Wrigley replied 4 years ago

That seems to have done it. I’ve maxed the quality & slowed the encode right down. Now the text in my videos is razor sharp.