How do I add captions from Rev?

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsHow do I add captions from Rev?
Nic Cook asked 5 years ago


The captions that were created for me via clipscribe are below average, lots of mistakes. Is there a way to add my own caption file from Rev to my video via clipscribe?



Nic Cook replied 5 years ago

You’re a legend, thanks for the response Craig. I’m excited to see the addition of being able to use 3rd party caption files!

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Craig Staff asked 5 years ago

Hi Nic!

I am about to roll out a more robust subtitle editor and a template system. I am starting the process right now actually. As soon as that is fully out and working I am going to work on the import from REV.

Hopefully will have it good to go in the next week or two.

– Craig