iphone 6S to XR upgrade… videos not downloadable anymore

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Emma Wainer asked 4 years ago

hi i just upgraded an iphone 6S to an iphone XR and i cannot upoload my videos to clipscribe anymore. The videos show up in my photos file on my mac and phone, but when clipscribe tries to find them… they no longer show up. any help appreciated. thanks

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Emma,

I can’t imagine what the issue could be? I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and it uploads fine.

So, my first question is, are you shooting your videos with the camera app or are you using another app?

Are you running the video through another app after you shoot it?

If either of these are true, you might be shooting into a format we don’t accept.

My general recommendation either way is to either shoot with an app like MoviePro which is a pro shooting app that lets you choose the H.264 codec when you shoot which will make uploading and encoding on ClipScribe easier.

Or, another option is to download the iMovie app and run your video through it as it will also encode your video to H.264 and make the file size manageable and uploading easier.

When you shoot with the camera app, the videos should still be compatible, but they are made more for archiving or transferring with a cable more than uploading and encoding.

Just some side notes there, but they might also resolve the situation for you as well.

But let me know on my first couple of questions.



Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

@Emma Wainer Also Emma, if you want to upload the video to DropBox and send me a link I can check it out to see what’s up.