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Daniel Mee asked 3 years ago

Hi there

I’m having issues with my latest upload.

The colour when uploading doesn’t seem to be matching the colour of the actual video itself, and when I download the video with subtitles they are purely white.

Usually they have a black shading which makes them standout more.

Any thoughts?

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Daniel Mee Hey Daniel. Looks like this is a first for me. Your video has some metadata that we haven’t dealt with before and will have to create a workaround for as our encoder isn’t setup to handle it. Can you let men now what you shot this video with and if you ran it through any other editing software before uploading to us?

Daniel Mee replied 3 years ago

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the reply.

I shot the video on an iPhone 12 pro, using a Rode wireless mic for audio.

I then transferred the file via Airdrop to my MacBook.

Could that perhaps be the issue?

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Daniel Mee Hey, looks to be an iPhone 12 issue. I am going to try a workaround, but going forward, I would set the FORMATS option under your camera settings to Most Compatible rather than High Efficiency. This will prevent this on any of your future videos.
Let me see if I can work up this fix for you on your current video. Give me about an hour or so.

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Daniel Mee Hey I found a fix. Go ahead and download this one and let me know if all is good and I will roll out this fix so you can redo any other videos you need to:

Let me know.

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

I tested your other video as well and all is good.

Note, that for now I am not going to modify the preview video creation, so you might still see some color issues there. Let me make sure this doesn’t cause any issues and then I will update that as well.

Also, if you want your subtitle text to stand out more, you can add a shadow behind it. It’s the little T icon with a shadow behind it. Note, it is transparent by default.