Audio is not syncing after downloading

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Paul Graves Realtor asked 3 years ago

After I render and then download my video, it does not sync and therefore is terrible when uploaded to YouTube/Facebook. It did not do this when I last used the software a couple months ago..

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Paul Graves Realtor

Hi Paul. This is usually an issue with the original uploaded video, so do this if you don’t mind:

1. Check your original video you uploaded to us and make sure the sync issue isn’t also in the original video. If the original does not have any sync issues then move to step 2.
2. Check the video you downloaded from us BEFORE you uploaded to a social network and make sure the audio sync issue is not in that video. If that video does not have a sync issue, then it is most likely an issue with Facebook or the social network you are uploading too. But, just for me to double check, it would be good if you can email me a link to your social media post or youtube upload. Send those to


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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hey Paul, actually I didn’t realize you had uploaded 2 videos and figured you were just talking about your most recent one.

Your previous video:

Unfortunately, does have sync issues with the original file you uploaded which is where these problems are coming from (unless you are talking about something else.)

So, double check that video for me. If there are sync issues in the original, you would need to make that adjustment before uploading. Unfortunately, it can be rather tricky (and sometimes impossible) to fix the sync issues, so you might have to reshoot.

Let me know if the issue is something else.