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Sean Lyden asked 4 years ago

Hi Craig,
For whatever reason, I can’t access my brand logos.
I’ve tried re-uploading them.
System says it is uploaded. But none of my logos show up.
I had no issue accessing logos for the first 3 videos today. But now I can access them.
Is there anything I can do to access the logos?
Thank you for your help.

4 Answers
Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey Sean. It’s a known issue I am working on. If you could help me, these are the logos I see in the database under your account:

Podcast Logo (Black Background) 7267-WhiteBlackBKGD1.png
Name Image 8598-TheSilverSax.png
TheSilverSax Logo 8599-TheSilverSax.png
TheSilverSax Logo 8600-TheSilverSax.png
Transparent Logo 9746-TransparentLogo3302.png
Transparent Logo 12344-TransparentLogo3302.png
Name Image 12345-TransparentLogo3302.png
Transparent Logo 12350-TransparentLogo3302.png

So it would help me to know if some of these are the files that are missing, or if the missing files are not in this list at all.
– Craig

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Also, are the logos you aren’t seeing files you uploaded since yesterday?

Sean Lyden asked 4 years ago

Hi Craig,
Those are the logos I have uploaded. For some reason, I am not able to access any of them. Attached is the screenshot of what I see–essentially a blank screen. So, I tried uploading the same logos today to see if they would show up. But they didn’t show. I’m using Chrome. Do I need to switch to Safari or another browser? 

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Hey Sean. Can you try to upload a logo now? I hate to say it, but I think the previous ones are gone. Have had some weird issues yesterday and today. I added in some code to prevent them from being removed, but if everything was working correctly, they shouldn’t have been in the first place.

My apologies and let me know if I can help further.

– Craig

Sean Lyden asked 4 years ago

Hi Craig, thank you for your help. I was able to get it to work by reloading the logo.

Brian Powers asked 4 years ago

All of my logos are gone as well and when I re upload they don’t appear either.