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Mark Raynsford asked 9 months ago

My brand logos shave dissapeared from the tab to insert, despite being there for a few months – is this part of the upload error ? As I can’t re-upload them either

Craig Staff replied 9 months ago

Hey Mark. That should not be the case. The re-upload would be an issue but I can’t think of any reason your previously uploaded logos would not be there. Let me take a look and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Mark Raynsford replied 9 months ago

Thanks Craig! There were about 6 logos and worked ok this morning, but tried again an hour ago and all had gone

Craig Staff replied 9 months ago

Hey Mark. So we were definitely having some upload issues this morning as mentioned. My guess is that when you uploaded them they appeared to be online locally but did not make it onto our servers. That would be my guess. The upload issue seems to be resolved so I would just try to upload them again if you don’t mind. Now, if these were logos you uploaded before today let me know.

Rebecca Lee replied 9 months ago

Hi Craig, I ran into a similar issue yesterday and today as well where my existing logos disappeared from the library. However when I try to re-upload, nothing gets added to the media library even though I get a message saying that the upload was successful. I also noticed that the logo disappeared from my templates as well.

Craig Staff replied 9 months ago

@Rebecca Lee When you logged in, were the logos gone or did you try to upoad a logo, and then they were gone? So sorry for the trouble. I will sort it out.
– Craig

Craig Staff replied 9 months ago

@Rebecca Lee Hey Rebecca. I am so sorry, but had a few people today that lost their uploaded logos. Thanksfully only a few. Weird glitch. Could you try to re-upload? I believe the issue has been resolved. Hopefully you didn’t lose too many.
– Craig

neesha gan replied 9 months ago

craig, we have lost our logo too! it happened only today. we can see the logo on the template but not on the video when editing. and now the whole clipscribe is unable to load the editing page. this happened about 3 hours ago.

Craig Staff replied 9 months ago

Ah! Templates!! Ugh. If Neesha, if you have a logo tied to a template, please re-upload the logo. Then let me know which template it is tied to and I will fix it. Thankfully this only happened with a few people, so I can fix it for you.

The issue with the editing page is resolved as well.

Again, my apologies for the inconvenience.

– Craig

neesha gan replied 8 months ago

Hi Craig,

thank you for fixing our editing page issue. I reloaded our logo into the logo page. we created the templates – 3211MYNEW TEMPLATE (16:9/1:1) AND 3804IGTV TEMPLATE (9:16/9:16) – which i can see has the logo but the video on the editing page doesn’t show the logo when we use the template and we are editing.

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Mark Raynsford answered 9 months ago

Hey Craig! So yes these logos have been uploaded for months, so wasn’t a new issue – checked this morning and still not there, but not to worry I’ve uploaded the ones I need again, and I’m back to where I was – thanks  

Craig Staff replied 9 months ago

Thanks Mark. So sorry for this trouble.
– Craig

Mark Raynsford replied 8 months ago

No trouble sir – appreciate the response, and love the software! 🙂