My top feature request: Custom fonts :)

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsMy top feature request: Custom fonts :)
Stephen Garcia asked 4 years ago

Just wanted to put in a request here. This is just about the end-all-be-all solution to replace a clunky and time-consuming Adobe Premiere solution for us.
The one hang-up in this transition is the lack of ability to add custom fonts. This would be the one change that would fully integrate our branding with this tool.
Anyway, that’s my top request, but thanks for all you’ve done to make this tool awesome as it is!

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Roger that. I am looking into it. It’s more of a legal issue than anything else. Just need to make sure we aren’t liable if you upload a font you don’t own, etc. etc. It is on my radar.
– Craig

Stephen Garcia replied 4 years ago

Awesome. Yes, I use Webflow, an online website development platform, and they allow you to upload custom fonts and use them (assuming maybe their Terms of Use makes the User responsible for publishing fonts they don’t own?).